Welcome to a day in the mind of a psychic.

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a psychic? What their inner most feelings, thoughts or visions are? Do you wonder how they interpret the information that comes to them or how they view the person sitting in front of them? Have you ever been curious of what a day in the mind of a psychic would be like? Well, sit back, relax and get comfortable. Welcome to a ‘real’ psychic’s diary entries.

~ I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I’ve enjoyed the journey. ~

When you think the word 'psychic' let it transfer to 'awareness'. These entries have everything that you need to develop your sensitivities, manifest what you desire and 'see' how a psychic channels's mind works. As interesting as all of this may be, it's not created for entertainment, it's written to help you shift your consciousness and learn how to control your mind. Bookmark this blog, grab your journal and expect magick to enter every aspect of your life.

Happy Upcoming 2017!

Wishing you a wonderful upcoming year!
  It's that time (again) that we say goodbye to one year and welcome a new one in. Welcome in this coming January by spending some time journaling, reflecting and meditating over last year, all you've learned and done and what you'd like to see for the upcoming year. Be sure you set goals because you want to ~ not because you have to.
Have a Fun & Safe New Year's Eve!
Most Cities offer Free Taxis on New Year's Eve!
Have a great time celebrating! Most cities have free taxis on New Year's Eve. Call around or look it up before you go out. A lot of places will give free non-alcoholic beverages if you let them know that you are the designated driver. And, remember ~ everywhere is busy! Get there early to avoid lines and traffic. Set your mind for the night out and plan on having a fabulous, fun filled evening! 

~ Welcoming in January ~ 
As you know, we have a News Special that starts around the beginning of each month. Click Here to See the KMIR Viewers Special.  All of the monthly themes teach you self hypnosis and keep your mind in the direction that you want it to be going. It's about whole life wellness. This month it's about your New Year Resolutions and creating the life that you want! Happy January!

We have a plethora of downloads and eBooks that may help support your goals. Visit our different stores:
Set your Goals!!! It's a New Year!
The rest of this blog entry is about your mind and body and setting goals for Next Year. Take your time. Do it when you're ready. Enjoy it! This is about you and your life!

What does your body need? 
Are you unsure of what vitamins, supplements and herbs you need? Not sure where to start? There's a lot of options and choices. Start simple and easy. Start slow and 'small' make a healthy lifestyle a habit.~ Take the HEALTH ASSESSMENT TEST Today ~ It's the new brilliant body health analysis compares your health concerns with each of your ten body systems. It's great to do this test once a month and every time you change your diet or supplements. Click on the link below the picture on the left hand side to take the test now ~ it's free, fast and easy. It calculates everything for you.

Download the Free Instructions & Exercises eBook 

Happy 2017!
Click Here to get the eBook that helps you with creating your New Year Goals and Resolutions for 2017. It's cute note paper! (If you have trouble downloading it, or would like the instructions that go with the worksheets, you can get a generic [any year] version in our shop.) 
Below is the link to the Journaling to _____ Class Sections. We have affirmations, downloads and classes to help you with your New Year Resolutions and to help make this Your Best Year Ever! Enjoy! Peruse the Various Selections Here

The New Year Resolution Set
Make this your Best Year!
This is a great set to keep you focused on all of your New Year Resolutions. The downloads reinforce what you want to create [this] year and fill you with motivation and confidence. They, just simply, make achieving your goals a whole lot easier.
The set comes with two downloads: One is short for anytime that you can fit it in and need a little pick me up and the other puts you to sleep! This way, you'll always be able to get that self encouragement and motivation that make crossing those resolutions off of your list simple and easy. Enjoy!  

What does your body need? 
Are you unsure of what vitamins, supplements and herbs you need? Not sure where to start? There's a lot of options and choices. Start simple and easy. Start slow and 'small' make a healthy lifestyle a habit.~ Take the HEALTH ASSESSMENT TEST Today ~ It's the new brilliant body health analysis compares your health concerns with each of your ten body systems.
It's great to do this test once a month and every time you change your diet or supplements. Click on the link below the picture on the left hand side to take the test now ~ it's free, fast and easy. It calculates everything for you.

 Hypnosis & The Mind
Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness. It is a natural state where your conscious attention is focused within your mind. It is any time your conscious mind is relaxed. Hypnosis is the process where by using different techniques you are able to bypass or relax the conscious mind, the critical factor, to achieve certain goals. In hypnosis (listening to a tape or in session) you will be fully aware, if you choose to be, and are able at all times, in any state of hypnosis and relaxation, to accept or deny anything that you hear. You are the one who chooses to enter a hypnotic state and have the choice to come up or wake up any time you wish or need to. The person speaking is a guide...

Questions & Answers about Hypnosis
What is hypnosis?
It is an altered state of consciousness. It is when your conscious attention is focused within your mind. It is also a state where your inner mind is more open to suggestion.
Can anyone be hypnotized?
Yes... if you trust the process, trust the hypnotist, trust the situation and trust yourself. And you must want to be hypnotized.
What if I can't be hypnotized?

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Have a Stress-Free Year!
Teas, Herbs, Vitamins and Supplements 
can Help Relax your Mind and Body
Everyone is different. All of our stresses, schedules, bodies and commitments, accomplishments are different. We need different things that compliment our lifestyles and work with our natural cycles. 
Maybe you're the type of person who could benefit from a nice, soothing cup of tea before bed or maybe an increase of vitamins midday would help you keep a pep in your step. If your mornings are really busy and hectic, a quick protein shake maybe just what you need to get you focused and ready to conquer the day. Knowing yourself and your body is so very important. If you don't know what you need, take this simple online test that evaluates your ten body systems [from weakest to strongest] ~ it's a good place to start. You do know when you're up, when you're down and when you'd like to be 'something else'. Focus on the simple things you can do... Vitamins and herbs that accentuate what you want, tea to help you relax, shakes and supplements that pick you up and a full body cleanse to detoxify your body. 
~ Keep in mind that all of these tips are important but always check with your personal care provider and/or prenatal physician before starting any new diet or dietary supplementation. Your doctors know your body and dietary needs so keep on top of what you think you need and what your doctors tell you that you need.
~ Always check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise regimen to make sure you are medically able to participate. Only your doctor can determine how much exercise is safe for you. Starting an exercise program that is more strenuous than you are ready for can result in injury and serious medical problems.
~ Before Starting A Vitamin Regimen Check With Your Doctor To See If It Is Compatible With Your Prescribed Medications

Help with the Holidays :)

It's that time of year, again! Happy Holidays! Some people absolutely love the holiday season while others are just trying to get through it. That's what this blog is about. It's geared for those of us that are stressed, busy and even unhappy or overwhelmed. Now, if this is your time a year and you're just loving it, Yay You! You may want to skip this entry or check out our free Children's eBook Store.
We have some great Holiday Activity eBooks that the whole family can enjoy! We just added some super cute  Gift Lists & Thank You Sets, just in time for the Holidays! They're great for all ages. If you or the little ones love to write, be sure to peruse our matching diary and calendar sets! Enjoy! Click here to visit the Everything Holiday! section now. There's some great stuff in there, you may find that it gives you some of your own ideas of what you'd like to create this season. All of the kids eBooks [in that shop] are free and you can use many of them at any age. ;) Have Fun!

You'll see pictures with descriptions sprinkled throughout this blog entry, those are descriptions to downloads (hypnosis and guided meditations) that are in the December Package that's put together for KMIR News Viewers. Now, since I am the one who makes them, the special is extended to you. (Yay!) The difference about these 'specials' versus other discounts or coupons that you'll find throughout the various shops associated with Spiritual Answers and Solutions .com is 
1. It Changes Every Month
2. The price point is created for the News Station
3. It's Super Specific [themed]
If you have any trouble reading the pictures in this blog,
here's the link to The Downloads for December.  (Streaming means that you have unlimited access to the downloads in that package as long as you have internet access. It's kind-of like Cable on Demand or NetFlix. You sign in to your account and they're all right there until they're changed over the next month. Click here to read a better, clearer description.
Here's the Description for December: All of the monthly themes teach you self hypnosis and keep your mind in the direction that you want it to be going. It's about whole life wellness. This month it's about the Holidays and everything that comes and goes with them. Have a wonderful December!

Be sure to read all of this type :) The download descriptions are on the images and not typed up within this blog entry. 

Everyone asks, "Do they work?" Well, that's what the 24 free trial is for. Check it out for yourself. Everyone always has an opinion and advice (about everything), but there's nothing like the experience of discovering and figuring something out for yourself, no matter how big or small. You know you. You're the one who knows what you want and what you need and you are the one who knows what you like. It's great to get input from other people (especially those you trust/are in your inner circle) but remember, that's 
what it is. Always ask your Higher Self what is to your Highest Good. You'll get the guidance and answers you need. 
And, remember you can ask about anything. Really, anything. Speaking of asking your Higher Self for help, that's your homework over the next few weeks. Even if you're loving life right now, get into the habit of asking your Higher Self what is to your Highest Good. There's a lot of manifesting and goal setting coming up over the next few months and best way to prepare is to get in the habit of checking in with yourself! 
Now, onto the 
Holiday Help! & Exercises

Healthy Body Stuff: What's the best thing you can do for yourself during any stressful time? Eat healthy, drink plenty of water and get a good night's sleep. Take care of your body and your body will take care of you. If you know that you're taking care of your body then the anxiety and other ways that stress may surface is much easier to pinpoint the whys. If you're ever feeling icky, remember all you need to do is ask yourself what the message is. If that's confusing, at all, click the link to get the complimentary explanation of the What's The Message? class series. The short audio explains messages. Download the Example .jpeg, it gives a great definition! 

You Time: You want to carve out some alone time or your own personal time-out time and space (you want to have a place that you can get away~even if only for a few moments).  It's awfully easy to get overwhelmed when you have a huge list of to-dos, there's a ton of things going on and a thousand people all needing something from you~all at the same time. 
Stress Less: Find (and figure out) those people and things that always seem to cause you stress, anxiety or push you over the edge (or push your buttons!) and slowly start weeding them out. Maybe it's five minutes here and ten minutes there. However you do it, slow or fast is up to you and your comfort level. When you eliminate the things that 'naturally' cause you stress, you'll be amazed to find how much more manageable life is all of the time. 
Know Yourself: Yes, No & Maybe~Saying what you mean! And only committing to what you really want to do will make a tremendous difference in your life. This isn't something that you're expected to change overnight. This is something that you aspire to perfect. The more you say yes, no or maybe (whatever your challenge is: overcommitting, never committing, indecision) in accordance to what you really want, like and feel is right for you, the easier it will become and the clearer it will be to you of how you want to spend your time. Let this part be super fun! You're stretching, growing and learning about yourself. Woo-Hoo! 

Set your Intention for the Day: This doesn't have to be
some long drawn out thing, just simply decide what you want your day to be like and spend 30 seconds picturing it. Work up to 3 minutes. You'll be amazed to find how that 3 minutes in the morning changes your whole day! You can do this as many times as you like or need to throughout the day. Remember, you're reminding your subconscious mind that this [what you are picturing] is what you want now. You're Lighting your own Way & Creating your Day! 

Staying in Control: Yay! For all of the holiday parties and seeing everyone you haven't seen all year! Staying in control does not mean don't have fun, it means, before you go out, decide [in your mind] that you're going to stay present. Really, that's it. You decide and have your mind set on it, that you're not going to ______. Convince yourself and it will work. Be sure to use this before drinking, or in any situations that you 'worry' about yourself. This goes for food, too. Oh, and over-emotional conversations. It's anything that's over the top or too much. Think Balance. Think Healthy. And, Think, 
"I Stay in Control of Myself." 

Woo-Hoo! You made it all the way through this post! And, if you can make it through this post, you can certainly make it through the holidays! ;)

Have a Lovely December! 

The Grace of Gratitude

This is the time of year that we are reminded to be thankful. 
A wonderful way to stay in the grace of gratitude all year long is with a gratitude journal. 
You can write as often as you like about anything and everything that you appreciate in your life.
It's a great way to 'naturally' stay focused on what's important to you. And, you can start at anytime, at any phase of life and, of course, any age!

[This [blog] entry focuses on using one journal specifically for gratitude entries only.] What a lovely time of year to focus on your Gratitude Journal. If you don't have one, no problem! Get one when you can. And, if you're already doing gratitude entries in your journal, good job! All of the suggestions are for you to decide what works best for you. Gratitude is about appreciation and it is extremely personal and precious. For when we deeply appreciate someone or something, it clicks something inside of us, that only we can experience/understand. Your Gratitude Journal is where you express your emotions, memories and moments of deep appreciation, love and feelings of blessings. 
(At the bottom of this entry, there's a video Feeling Grateful Guided Meditation for you to relax into. It compliments the exercises wonderfully. Watch it when it's convenient for you. Enjoy!)

If you don't have one already, 
get a Gratitude Journal and Start Today! 

Get a Journal! At Changes Made Easy .com 
we believe it's about consciousness. We think life should be fun... more fun... bunches and bunches of fun!We also believe that every choice each and every one of us make, everyday has the potential to substantially change the world... our world. This is a great opportunity to bring you unique and thoughtful products. We have a huge selection of various products to support all types of causes and differences in thought. Click Here to Visit The Spunky Plum.

Gratitude Writing
You can write about anything that moves you. You may find that each time you sit that you have different feelings and levels of appreciation for people or things in your life. You may find that what you are grateful for varies drastically from day to day or you may discover that it is the same thoughts that linger in your mind. And, it's A Gratitude Journal. You're writing about things that you are grateful for... you can't do it wrong. So, enjoy! Have fun! Revel in the joys of living a life immersed in gratitude! 

Here's just a few ideas:
  • Personal Entries
  • Meditation Notes
  • Reflections
  • Experiences
  • Understandings
  • Poems
  • Quotes
  • Lists 
  • Letters 
Get Creative!
It's time to bring out your inner artist! Express yourself anyway that you like! Every few pages, try something creative. And, yes, doodling in the corners counts!
  • Sketches
  • Drawings
  • Collages
  • Stickers
  • Pictures
  • Decorate the Pages
  • Number all the Pages
  • Scrapbook the Pages
  • Write in Fun Letters
  • Use Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils

Have Fun With It!
If you're the type of person that works best in groups here's some ideas for you. The more the merrier! And, kids love it!
  • Gratitude Parties
  • At Celebrations
  • Gratitude Evenings
  • Regular Get-Togethers 
  • Monthly Meetings 
  • Kids Only
  • Family Gratitude Night 
  • Theme Night (health, family, friends, etc.) 
  • Honor One Person for that Meeting

Please enjoy our Holiday Manifesting Board on Pinterest. Feel free to Pin them, save them and share them!

Here's some of the Gratitude Manifesting Worksheets and Exercises. (You can find them all on Pinterest.)
Press Pause if you need more time to read them. Enjoy!

[Free] Gratitude Journal for Kids! 

~ Why the eBooks are free and how We got Started ~ Due to rising costs and educational cut backs, Changes Made Easy .com and Full of Love Pet Supplies .com has created a series of eBooks for parents and educators to help make their jobs a little bit easier, save you some time and add some fun.
The eBooks re set up so that you are able to print the whole book or just the pages you'd like to use that day.
Our eBooks contain exercises that focus on improving communication, vocabulary, spelling patters, keeping the innocent and imaginative part of childhood alive, story writing and enhancing creative and critical thinking skills.

We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoy making and giving them to you. Click here to go to Free Educational Activity eBooks for Kids. 

Do not do anything while playing this Guided Meditation. Lie back, close your eyes and relax into the sounds. Enjoy!

Please enjoy this Feeling Grateful Guided Meditation. And, in appreciation, Enjoy 10% off some of our Downloads!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Honoring America's Veterans


It's November 11th... No Blog Entry today ~ I spend every Veteran's Day volunteering my time to everyone that has served in The United States Military. (I work with service men and women ~ oh, and I've had a couple service dog sessions, too!) It's the very least that I can do. If you'd like to know more about Veteran's Day, you can read about it online or click here, it's just a quick link to the definition and a tiny bit of history. 

I have such a deep love and appreciation for their service, I want to do all I can. I have a webpage that explains it and lists the benefits  discounts, days and services that are available to them. If you know anyone who served, pass this along, it would be greatly appreciated.  

              Complimentary Sessions                                   [specializing] in 
                   but not limited to:

Sleep Disorders
Physical Challenges
Stress (all types)
Emotions (all of them)
Anxiety/Panic Attacks
Adjusting to (you name it) 
Death, Dying & Surviving
Pain Control & Management

       Have you Thanked a Vet Today?

                 Contact Us Here

~ In appreciation of our service men and women, we offer complimentary sessions for veterans, active duty, and reservists on Armed Forces Day,  Memorial Day, The Fourth of July, POW/MIA Recognition DayVeterans Day and, of course, the birthday of your branch of service; all of our hypnosis and meditation downloads are free to activity duty and veterans; discounted sessions for and activity duty and reservists during regular business hours/days and and additional discounts for veterans, activity duty and reservists during Military Appreciation Month. ~ 
I hope you take advantages of the services offered. With deepest gratitude and appreciation, Jennifer McVey [Spiritual Answers and Solutions .com] 

Halloween Psychic Exercises & Journaling

Yay! It's almost Halloween! This blog is going to have a bunch of fun psychic and journaling exercises for you to use all year. Halloween seems to be the time when everyone is talking about it a bit more. So, here we go, too! The bottom of this blog has a super cute Halloween oriented everything. The beginning of it will be the exercises and journaling entries/exercises. Have Fun! 

I know, I know. 'Tis the Month for Ghost stuff. As fun as it may sound, Please Don't Tease the Ghosts. 
Don't go running around and invading their pace or trying to upset them enough to make something happen. Just as people do not like to be bullied or taunted, neither do ghosts. :)
It's Journal Time! If you don't already have one... Get a Journal! At Changes Made Easy .com we believe it's about consciousness. We think life should be fun... more fun... bunches and bunches of fun! We also believe that every choice each and every one of us make, everyday has the potential to substantially change the world... our world. This is a great opportunity to bring you unique and thoughtful products. We have a huge selection of various products to support all types of causes and differences in thought. Click Here to Visit The Spunky Plum.

Journaling Exercise: Make a List of Questions that you would like to ask your Spirit Guide. Be sure to date it and be descriptive enough that if you come back to it in a few years you'll know what you were thinking and asking about. 
Spirit Guides are very different from Spirits and people and pets that have passed over to The Other Side. Can Beings that have passed away be Spirit Guides? Oh, sure but they can also be lost, confused or even controlling. Your Spirit Guides can also be your Past Lives or Beings from 'other' places, dimensions or levels of consciousness. And those Past Lives and Beings could also be Spirit Attachments mistaken for Spirit Guides. 

Psychic Tip: Anytime you want any Guidance [from other than yourself] always, always say or think something to the effect of, "All the Information Must Come Through My Higher Self." It's kind-of a catch-all. Plus, it keeps all kinds of critters and stuff out of your body and energy field. You do not need anyone or thing 'in' you to get guidance. That's one of the beautiful things about channeling. Clean, clear energy and vibration. 

Jounaling Exercise #2: Clean up your list. Pick one or two things that are really important to you. Rewrite them on an separate pages of your journal. Over the next few weeks, everything you think you may have gotten an answer or guidance, write it on that page (the one that corresponds with your question). 
Onto Channeling: The more you practice, the better you'll get. Really. It's about focusing your mind, clearing away any gunk you've got in there and being aware of the subtle vibrations within each thought. You can learn to channel everything from your pets to people that have passed
over to ... Well, you name it. If it is a sentient being, you can channel it. It takes a lot of practice and perseverance. If you want to be good at it, clean up your mind. That's conscious and subconscious thoughts, learn how to tune into your Higher Self and eliminate all negative programming (anything in your mind that is not Truth). If you're serious about doing this, click here. I designed a created all the stuff you'll find. And, the whole time, I was thinking... "This would have made my life infinitely better if I had this years ago!" :) Hence, I created it. I cannot imagine that there are not tons of people out there that would love to be able to take control of their lives by using the different levels of their minds.  
Is it worth it? Absolutely! And, we're doing it all the time. The problem is, no one has control over what they're giving or receiving. A great way to start developing some of those channeling skills is by learning how to Communicate Mind to Mind. I offer a free pre-course that will get you started. It's an introduction to what you'll be doing. And, if you can find someone to practice and take the classes with... So Fun!

Journling Exercise #3: After a few weeks or months, go back over your journal pages. Review them thoroughly. How did the information come to you? Did you get messages through people you know, what you were reading or watching or did it come through your dreams? 

Journaling Exercise #4: Yay! You! Now, you've got an idea of how you communicate with you. SO Fun! Keep up this process. You'll be amazed to find how your messages begin to increase. 

Now, it's time to start Journaling a lot. Do a ton of exercises and manifesting. Practice. Practice. Practice. The more you do it, the more you'll start counting on your inner guidance and journaling to help you with , well, just about everything! 
Here's your first few [different] exercises. So Fun! 

               Have a Wonderful Holiday!          
  Do you believe Spirits visit us?

Contact from The Other Side

They are always communicating with us; contacting us; letting us know that they are still 'around'... that there is 'life after death'. They are letting us know that they don't just disappear into nothing....

Would you like to know more about communication with the Other Side?
I think I’ve Seen A Ghost!

I think I've seen a ghost!

Article: What you should do if you see a ghost. (Great explanation of what, why and how to manage any ghostly experiences you may have this season ~ or anytime!)

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It should be listened to with your eyes closed (you'll be super-conscious the whole time) in a quiet environment so that you are not interrupted. Anyone can listen to this with you :)  You'll use Creation Light and the Light of your Spirit to clear your energy field, keep everything out [of you] and tune into your Higher Self. You don't need to do it forever~it should be fairly easy to memorize. Click here to get the download  (You need this download if you're taking any of the Mind to Mind Communication Classes.)