Welcome to a day in the mind of a psychic.

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a psychic? What their inner most feelings, thoughts or visions are? Do you wonder how they interpret the information that comes to them or how they view the person sitting in front of them? Have you ever been curious of what a day in the mind of a psychic would be like? Well, sit back, relax and get comfortable. Welcome to a ‘real’ psychic’s diary entries.

~ I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I’ve enjoyed the journey. ~

When you think the word 'psychic' let it transfer to 'awareness'. These entries have everything that you need to develop your sensitivities, manifest what you desire and 'see' how a psychic channels's mind works. As interesting as all of this may be, it's not created for entertainment, it's written to help you shift your consciousness and learn how to control your mind. Bookmark this blog, grab your journal and expect magick to enter every aspect of your life.

Mind to Mind Communication: Man, Nature & Spiritual Laws

  7 Week Mind to Mind Communication Course 
Man, Nature & Spiritual Laws (7th Week) 

Welcome to our free summer psychic course! How fun! 
If you're just finding us, the introduction and the very first post is about how I am going to teach this course and all of the guidelines. Read through this thoroughly. You want to make sure this course (and my teaching and style) is a good fit for you, and for your belief system. If you've been working with us, scroll down a couple paragraphs to begin your seventh class at the second heart ().

 Set up: Every week you'll have homework to do for the next class. (If you're starting today, no worries! It's super easy to catch up, Click here to go to the introduction, first day. You can start now!) You'll have to read (just a few) articles, listen to some downloads (they'll all be explained and provided for you), use affirmations (these will also be provided) and journaling exercises. If you don't have a journal...Get One. There's a few links at the bottom that will help you. Can you use your phone or computer to do your journaling? Yes, but it's not recommended. Once we get into the channeling section of this class, you'll want to be able to go over your entries and make notes. Plus, you'll be able to catch the tiny nuances of the various inner parts of you by your writing style. 

Oh, I should prepare you, there's at least two more classes about Mind to Mind communication. They're not considered part of the course because you don't have any homework starting next week. You will, however, have more journaling to do this upcoming week. :)

 Okay, this is week five of energy work. You should have
a clear picture of what comes from where. Yay! If you're still unsure, start the section that was difficult for you over and continue from there. And, keep starting over until you really feel like you have a handle on all of this. It's a way of life. Put in the effort. Do the work. It's worth it. And, you can always get answers and guidance, anytime from your Higher Self. 

Now, we get into laws. Let's go over the The Absolutes. 
No Entities, Spirits, or People from The Other Side. No discarnates. Ever.: Really...No entities, Spirits or people in or out of body in your energy field.. Pretty simple. Keep your energy clear. You've witnessed, experienced and documented how damaging (and crazy making) it can be. 
Respect people's boundaries: If they don't want you in their space (or their heads) get and stay out. Again, pretty easy. You wouldn't want random people picking through your mind, so do not do that to them. 
Respect Everyone's Privacy: It's true, there are no secrets in Spirit but that does not give anyone the go ahead to be
probing  without anyone's consent. No ugliness: don't be a jerk. That means nothing negative or mean, No wishing people ill or worse.
Nothing Yucky: No envisioning awful things happening to them. There's absolutely no justifiable reason to be awful. You cannot reason your way out of it; even if you think they deserve it. It's not your decision to make. Very Simply: Do not be mean. 
No Thwarting People's will: It's not up to you to decide what's best for anyone but yourself, and even then, check with your Higher Self first to see if it's to your Highest Good. 

 Now, onto Rules & Responsibilities:
ALL information must come through your Higher Self. There's no better filter. And an easy way to do this is to as, "My Higher Self and ________ Higher Self make the best use of today's time." (That's one of your affirmations in the Mind to Mind Communication affirmations. 
Here's a little tidbit (rule) you only get the information that is to your Highest Good at the time. If we got everything right away, we'd probably goof it up, miss valuable steps and lessons and skip a bunch of stuff we're not supposed to. 
And, finally, Abide the Laws of Nature, Spirit and Man. 
We'll start easy, Man's Laws. This one is easy. Follow the laws: meaning nothing illegal. And, I mean, nothing. If it's questionable, don't do it. Remember, Man's laws keep society running smoothly and orderly. Plus, you're bound to them because of the society you live in. These may vary depending on where you reside. Nature's Laws are pretty straight forward if you know what to look for. Think Balance. Anything to do with this world and the planet. Most people would call many of them common sense. So, think physics, think science, think choices and result in the physical world. For example, If you want to be healthy, you cannot eat a diet
of [only] fast food, sit on the couch all day and never sleep. You'll 'contract' physical ailments. That's Nature. Just think, if it goes against Nature... You're probably breaking one of her laws. Spiritual Laws and stuff can get a bit more convoluted. For this class, think simple, what goes around comes around. And the truth...We are bound to the promises we make [to ourselves], to other people is debatable. That includes our thought, judgement, and decisions. We will continually test ourselves and our beliefs. True or untrue we will try to prove them to our selves until we discover our truth. If you lie, you are bound to the lie and you'll have to answer to yourself for that now or later. So, when you're trying to decipher all of these things, think Man (your world and  society), think Nature (all things [here] in the physical), and Spirit think Right Action, Divine Guidance and the feeling (it's a message) Joy. And, not artificial elation, the vibration of clarity, truth and absolute knowing with the under tone of 'I get it'. 

  Subconscious Programming and Boundaries: (Remember, that's the 'only' way anything can 'get in'.) This is a much bigger deal than anyone ever addresses or talks about. Seriously. Be honest with yourself about this. If you have questionable boundaries (in your life or in your mind, you need to attend to them. Or if you're still having any challenges of keeping everything of you or clearing your mind (this is super important), get some downloads and change your programming (Click Here) so nothing sneaks in or influences you. This, too, is a much bigger 'problem' that the world wants to admit. (Again, do not be afraid. Just simply fix yourself and all the havoc and terror will just fall away.)
Read about changing your programming~ Click Here for the list of downloads and Click Here to read more about it [programming]. If you need to, Click Here to read The Mind article again. It'll help. 

 Now, it's time for you to keep everyone and everything out of your body and energy field. If you want to channel (anything or anyone (people, animals or beings from other dimensions or places remember) they can communicate mind to mind. No one needs to 'be in you' for any reason, no matter how convincing they sound. Again, 

Making Magick Happen Safely!
there's no need for them to be in you. Ever. Go get the free download (audio description) of the Making Magick Happen shop. (Click Here) It'll explain this in a bit more detail and help you understand how I work. Plus, your Psychic Set Up download is in the same shop. Yay! making it as easy as possible. :) Click Here for the Complimentary Section. If you're into channeling stuff, you'll find downloads in this shop and [in] the Mind to Mind Communication classes

❥ Yay! It's let's chat about download time! How are you doing with them? Are you using them regularly? How have they improved your life? And, now, start documenting how quickly they work for you; especially the psychic set up. If you really want to get daring, try the  Affirmation & Psychic Exercises Pack. Take the exercises lightly. They are made for you to work with yourself over time. Obviously, the more you practice, the better you'll get. This exercise(s) should be fun. If you get stressed out or feel too much pressure~Stop doing them. You can start over at another time. Build your confidence first, This is about enhancing your psychic abilities, not creating and feeding doubt.

  Ack. If you didn't get the download from last week, get it now. It's invaluable. You'll use it and what it has to teach you for the rest of your life. And, pass
around (nicely~don't pressure anyone. Some people have had entities with them their entire life. And, in those cases, the entities and the people have grown quite accustomed to each other. And, in many times quite dependent on one another.) Side Note: The Psychic Set Up is different than the Mind to Mind Communication Set Up download. You'll use the mind to mind one to set you up for all of your mind to mind communications. The Psychic Set Up,what you need to go get now, if you haven't already, and is for all of your psychic work. Keep listing to this download daily until you have it memorized and can say it instantly (and immediately) in your mind. Again, this is very important. Memorize it. Keep your energy clear. 

❥ This week's homework: Keep everything out of you! (Again. We'll keep practicing this until it becomes a habit... and automatic). Make sure you're clear about all of your energy sensitivities (to people, places, things and emotional states) so that when you sit down and focus your mind, you're clear. And, I mean, clear about who you're talking to, what you
want to say and the desired out come. Now, go get The Pre-Course:Mind to Mind Communication. It has basic instructions, worksheets (You'll need them for all of the downloads and classes) and a set of affirmations. And, no worries, it's complimentary. Go over all of the journal/workbook pages. you'll need them in the future. Plus, it helps you get a clear understanding of how focused you need to be. Plus, it's very pretty! :)

 Affirmations: Yay! It's time for your  Mind to Mind Communication Affirmations and Diary Sets! Pick/Use only the ones that resonate with you.And, now, you can use all of the affirmations! Go get a Mind to Mind Communication Affirmation and Diary Set. DO the entries everyday. You only have a week left of being told to do it... Use this week to your advantage and get your habit set in stone. If you didn't download it already, (as mentioned earlier) there's a super Cute Affirmation & Psychic Exercises Pack. If you're not ready for the exercises yet, you can still use the affirmations and there's a lot of color choices! Try it today. (This set does not come with diary pages. Get The Sun Kissed Set if you'd like the matching diary or try a different set for your homework.)
❥ Notes about your energy and findings: How you document and figure everything out is up to you. It's a very personal thing. And, can be a lot of fun! It's up to you if you want to share your findings with anyone. Caution: Do not get
too carried away. These are subtle energies and influences we are talking about. Be aware of yourself, your thoughts and feelings and how sensitive you are to everyone and everything around you. this class is not to make you crazy and over sensitive, it's created to get you [more] in touch with the inner workings of you, your emotions, your mind and Spirit. It's empowering. And it is meant to be used to bring more balance and clarity into your life. If you find that you are sketchy, paranoid or frightened all of the time, seek professional help and guidance. This is about feeling clear, calm and at peace with yourself using your Higher Self to guide you. 

❥ Write in your Positive Affirmation Diary daily. All of

our Positive Affirmation Image eBooks and Positive Affirmations and Diary Sets are always free. Again, write in your Positive Affirmation Diary daily. If you don't already have it: You'll need to get these from us. If you'd prefer, you may use your own journal. Click here and scroll down to the picture of the Positive Affirmations and Diary Set Instructions
for directions and the best way to do it.

~ Use the Insight Section to document all of your energy findings [there]. If it's not enough room, or if you like the way you have been doing your diary entries, use the (master copy) blank page to journal all of your observances. Title it Insights or make a note at the top so that you know what you were doing. (You'll want to be able to pick it up in a year and remember exactly what was going on.)

❥ ❥ ❥  Homework  ❥ ❥ ❥  
~Listen to Psychic Set Up Daily (Still!)
~Listen to A Delicate Conscience or Stress Less 3-4 times this week. If you've gotten into a good routine...Keep it up! 
~Write in your Journal every single day. 
~Do an affirmation diary page each day. Adding in the 'special' stuff to the Insights Section. 
~If you have found someone to take this course with or to practice with, check in with the people that are doing it with you and get their opinions and feed back about the daily use of the download,  affirmations and exercises. Record all of it. 

  Course Questions  
 Click here for contact information and questions about the downloads, homework and the classes. All class questions will be answered on Twitter at @PsychicTidbits(Plus, the feed is in the right hand column of this blog. You can ask your questions without ever leaving this page. :) Yep, we're trying to make it as easy as possible! lol)

  How to make the best of this class:
The very best way to do this course is to review all of your homework on Mondays and start your new assignment sometime on Tuesday. If you need help remembering, sign up [here] on this blog for email notifications. They will let you know when there's a new blog post. 
~ This is a great class to start or to do with another person. It doesn't matter if they're in the same room with you or across the world. Plus, having someone to bounce ideas off of, compare homework assignments and practice with is invaluable. The more the merrier! 

If you've had or have challenges with any of this, please visit:
It may explain what's going on and/or why things aren't working. The post is apply-able to anything that's going on in any aspect of your life that has to do with The Mind. :) And, it's a great read to get any of those, "Why is_____ happening?!!" questions answered and explained. Happy Reading! 

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Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ When you're setting your mind for the day, pick affirmations that are easy for you to remember. It's best to pick just one or two for the day. It'll be easier for you to evaluate later if you're clear about what you were focusing on.The affirmation videos are an easy way to pick out your affirmations for the day. You can use the positivity affirmation examples anytime you feel like being a bit more positive. Here's an eBook announcement link to help you find your way around. 

Happy Affirming! 

Contacting the Instructor & Course Questions: 
 Click here for contact information and questions about the downloads, homework and the classes. All class questions will be answered on Twitter at @PsychicTidbits