Welcome to a day in the mind of a psychic.

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a psychic? What their inner most feelings, thoughts or visions are? Do you wonder how they interpret the information that comes to them or how they view the person sitting in front of them? Have you ever been curious of what a day in the mind of a psychic would be like? Well, sit back, relax and get comfortable. Welcome to a ‘real’ psychic’s diary entries.

~ I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I’ve enjoyed the journey. ~

When you think the word 'psychic' let it transfer to 'awareness'. These entries have everything that you need to develop your sensitivities, manifest what you desire and 'see' how a psychic channels's mind works. As interesting as all of this may be, it's not created for entertainment, it's written to help you shift your consciousness and learn how to control your mind. Bookmark this blog, grab your journal and expect magick to enter every aspect of your life.

Holiday Crafty Time

Welcome Winter Holidays! 

This is a great time of year to carve out some very special friend and/or family time. (This is a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality, quiet time with you, too!) It gets so busy this time of year, all the visiting, meals, cooking, shopping, wrapping, decorating...so many holidays in such a short amount of time! Why not use this time to get things done and bond with your loved ones? 

Last month we covered gratitude journaling. This month we're focusing on bonding and relationship time. One great way to do this is with some type of crafting or cooking. The idea is to be an intimate, comfortable environment where you can bond with those around you or simply, be able to hear yourself think, without any interruptions. 

Remember, this is a fun exercise! You can write about who came over, what you did, and any details that you want to include in your journal. Jot down ideas for next year, too! This is a wonderful opportunity to scrapbook-up your journal pages! All you have to do to spruce it up is to add some pictures, wrapping paper and/or doodlings and drawings in your journal. Fun, simple and easy!  

If you don't already have one... 
Get a Journal!
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Need more Ideas?!! Living Lightly Newsletter posts regularly to Facebook and has a line of Holiday DIY Idea Videos on YouTube. If you haven't signed up for the monthly newsletter, you can do that here.

You can do something! Crafty or not... there is something that you are good at, can do or would like to learn. And, you can always start with something small. Remember... Have Fun! 

Here's a fun board on Pinterest (Yes! You should be on it! Really, you'll find the best ideas, pictures and recipes for anything and everything you can think of!) for those of you out there that do not cook. Best. Idea. Ever. Make some type of mix for your holiday parties, your counter  and/or gifts. You can tailor it with the thoughts you want to be thinking (and giving!) and it's so easy to make it 'special' for everyone in your life! From the raw-foodist to the vegan/vegetarian to the I love chocolate person... you've got this covered; everyone loves munches! 

Follow Jennifer McVey's board Chex Mix Recipes ❤️ on Pinterest.

OK, so, you're already crafty and fabulous in the kitchen, try branching out and doing something different this year. If you're usually surrounded by people, do something alone and if you lead more of a solitary celebration life, try doing a little something with someone else. And, crafts and cooking make this really easy! (Oh, hint... all craft stores have craft kits for everything from candle and soap making to painting a frame-able picture in a couple of hours! Yay!)

You can do anything that you like! You can make gifts for yourself, your friends, your family, everyone's  pets or you could even make things to give away. For example, all year round, the company JenCraft makes jewelry and beaded items to donate. (If you know any places that would like a gift box sent, please contact JenCraft here.) 

 JenCraft ❥ We use the gifting of our jewelry to add hope, love and inspiration to each hand it passes through.  Our goal is to have each child that uses and wears our beaded items to be reminded of how incredibly special and needed they are ~ every moment of every day.    
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Here's few more ideas for the kids in your life. You can print them or do them online. Enjoy!

[Free] Holiday Activity Books for Kids! 

~ Why the eBooks are free and how We got Started ~

Due to rising costs and educational cut backs, Changes Made Easy .com and Full of Love Pet Supplies .com has created a series of eBooks for parents and educators to help make their jobs a little bit easier, save you some time and add some fun.
The eBooks re set up so that you are able to print the whole book or just the pages you'd like to use that day.
Our eBooks contain exercises that focus on improving communication, vocabulary, spelling patters, keeping the innocent and imaginative part of childhood alive, story writing and enhancing creative and critical thinking skills.
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