Welcome to a day in the mind of a psychic.

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a psychic? What their inner most feelings, thoughts or visions are? Do you wonder how they interpret the information that comes to them or how they view the person sitting in front of them? Have you ever been curious of what a day in the mind of a psychic would be like? Well, sit back, relax and get comfortable. Welcome to a ‘real’ psychic’s diary entries.

~ I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I’ve enjoyed the journey. ~

When you think the word 'psychic' let it transfer to 'awareness'. These entries have everything that you need to develop your sensitivities, manifest what you desire and 'see' how a psychic channels's mind works. As interesting as all of this may be, it's not created for entertainment, it's written to help you shift your consciousness and learn how to control your mind. Bookmark this blog, grab your journal and expect magick to enter every aspect of your life.

Psychic Development: Inner Circle

Good Job! Week Three :) Now, you're creating a solid foundation for developing your psychic abilities. You're training yourself to look to you for answers and to listen to them when they come. You have to be able to hear your intuition, know where it is coming from and be able to act on it. Developing your psychic abilities is about you clearing out your mind and your space so that the you are aware of the subtle messages. If you're unsure of this, or haven't quite 'gotten' this part yet, continue to listen to A Delicate Conscience. You'll be adding more downloads soon, so be very sure you've cemented [in you] the downloads you've been listening to before you get rid of them and start something new. They are suggestion recordings, in other words, you can continue to listen to them as long as you need them and/or any time you need a tune-up or want to reinforce that behavior or feeling. 

Your inner circle is so very, very important. You've heard it before: choose your friends wisely, be careful who confide in, people are waiting to use your weakness against you, or you're the sum of the 3 or 5 people you're around the most. Eek. Eek to all of that. Your job is to manage your physical world and make the choices that support your goals (and pick the people that support and help you). My job is to help you determine who should and should not be privy to your inner circle. Remember~for this class~ [Your] Inner Circle: [is] Anyone who has space in your head. If you think about them, they count. Put them on one of your lists. If you notice (anytime) that you are thinking about someone a lot, ask yourself what the message is and figure out which list they go on. [For this Class] Your inner circle isn't as much as the people you surround yourself with, it's people who you're thinking about or who are always in the back of your mind. 

It's Discovery time! We've got to figure out where you are so that you are better able to manifest what you want. We're doing [only] people in this exercise. More and more people. Lets face it, they're everywhere. You cant avoid them, ignore or pretend they do not exist. And, one thing that will benefit you everyday for the rest of your life is sharpening your psychic abilities when it comes to people and personality types. In this exercise, you'll be making multiple lists. (We'll sort out everything you write out for this week in your next assignment. You do not need to know what you're going to do with the information (the lists) you just need to do them and be as honest and detailed as possible. Do the best you can now, you can always add to them later, and leave some extra space for notes and corrections. 

Lists! Each of your lists should be:

  • easy to read 
  • well organized (for you to be able to refer to them in the future)
  • detailed (so that you know exactly who or what you're talking about)
  • clear and concise (list time is not story time)
  • simple (only use a few, good, descriptive words)
  • titled
  • dated
List Making Assignments: 
This assignment is all about you figuring out what's going on in your life. If you journal regularly or spend a hefty amount of time reviewing your interactions from the day, you may find this very easy: Do it anyway. If you're new and have never done it before: Let it be easy. Make your lists with all the information you have now. As you shift and change, your life will follow; think of these writing assignments as quality time you're spending with yourself to get to know you. Because that's exactly what you're doing. And, what a good use of your time that it is! 
  • Set up the lists however you like (columns, boxes, color coordinated, stickers, pictures, numbers, bullets, whatever you enjoy)
  • Be sure to leave space (you'll be adding to them through out the rest of this class) 
  • Take your time- do this over the next week. 
  • Revisit them once you have completed the homework
List Assignments:
People Who: 
  1. Bring out your Best:
  2. Bring out your Worst:
  3. Challenge you Positively:
  4. Challenge you Negatively:
Personality Types Who: 
  1. Bring out your Best:
  2. Bring out your Worst:
  3. Challenge you Positively:
  4. Challenge you Negatively:
Manifesting! Yay! 
Start thinking about what you'd like (when it comes to people) in your life. What would help you or make things easier on you? What would make life more fun? Make a list of what you'd like to _____ with ______.  You can do activities and types of people or just the people. You could even create someone to practice this class with! If you can think it, you can create it. Let your imagination run wild! 

Some Examples for Manifesting People:
new friends 
a buddy to work out with
book club
the perfect business partner
someone to go to the movies with
nice coworkers
trustworthy pet-sitter

This list is for you to start getting ideas for the next few weeks. (See your Journal Homework below.) You can think of this as a 'to be manifested' list because by the time this course is over, you'll know how to magnetize all of them to you. (Yay!)

Writing Assignments: 
You should start to feel like you're getting into the habit of revisiting your homework, journal entries and goals. Revisit all of your goals and make sure that the lists that you've made fit in with your goals. This may make perfect sense right now or it could have nothing to do with one another. Do your best. If your goals and the people stuff lists don't seem to jive, they will by next assignment. Look everything you've done over (a few times) you'll be fine-tuning your goals this entire course.  
  1. Review your Goals. 
  2. Review your Psychic Goals.
  3. Review your eCourse Goals. 
  4. Follow your Tentative Schedule this week.
  5. At the end of the week:Review your schedule and if it needs it: Write out your (new)Tentative Schedule.  
Meditation & Hypnosis Downloads: 
Downloads to Listen to 3-5x this week:
Develop your Psychic Abilities
Start trying incorporate one download a day into your routine. One a day. This would be different than the download and workbook homework assignment. This is specifically download time you're incorporating into your life. Talk to yourself about it, start looking forward to it, start reinforcing all of your good habits/choices immediately. If the downloads you have aren't doing the trick, you can always try All-In-One 5-10-15-20 (there's 5 different downloads, ranging from 5-20 minutes) or any of the downloads that put you to sleep, wake you up or give you a break. Click here to go to the main download store. If you have some ideas of what else you'd like to manifest and create or change, Click here to go to the Body, Mind & Soul download store to peruse our selections. And, by now you should be able to tell the difference between meditations and hypnosis sessions and which ones give you answers from where. (If you're a bit unsure of this, keep doing your homework. You'll figure it out and get in your own groove at the right speed and pace for you. All you have to do... Is keep doing it.) 
Workbook Entries: 
Use your Hypnosis & Meditation Workbook (at least one time for each download)
1.-A Delicate Conscience (Meditation Section)
2.-Developing your Psychic Abilities (Hypnosis Section)
Same. Same. Just do them. You should have figured out how many times a week that you'd like to do the downloads and workbook entries. (now, start doing what you like!) Enjoy doing one or two hypnosis and one or two meditation exercise again this week.

Journal Entries: 
1. Write out (as much or as little detail as you like, see Writing Instructions for help) how you felt after the last class.
2. Write out your plan for this coming week. 
3.  Make a List of Manifesting Ideas

You have it every week! Yay! Here's a quick link to your homework for this week. come back to this page if you have any questions. It's a list of your assignments without all of the explanation and directions. Assignment 3 Homework Outlined. Enjoy!

If you're having any challenges:
  • Get a hold of someone for help if you have questions. Contacting the Instructor & Course Questions  Click here for contact information and questions about the downloads, homework and the classes. All class questions will all be answered on Twitter at @PsychicTidbits
  • And Check with yourself to figure out what's going on, or more appropriately, what the message is.
  • Do you think you have a block? And, blocks are not bad, at all. It's your mind helping you by bringing you whats thwarting you. "Yay! Thank You, Wonderful, Powerful Subconscious Mind!" Click here to read about and check if you have a block. Remember: A block is not something that is meant to stop you, necessarily, it's a message. Ask yourself all about it! And, of course, the best way to 'fix' it.
 Choose your inner circle wisely. We are all doing the best that we can. Many times we are able to talk ourselves in and out of things that go against our gut feeling. We all want to protect our families, our children and our pets. You would never leave your child with someone you don't know. Don't leave your animals or home in the care of someone until you've thoroughly researched them. So, just to be on 'the safe side' CHECK on the people you let into your life ~ all aspects of your life. Not everyone has ill intentions or plan to cause havoc in your life; they may just have a different moral scale than you do or have a history of getting into some kind of trouble. There are many sites that range from $9.99-19.99 to get a thorough background check. Is that ten dollars' worth it? ~ Absolutely. A few dollars now could save you thousands of dollars in the future and eliminate stress, trauma and heartache. Listening to yourself is mandatory ~ just as checking on people  that get near you, your home, business, family and pets should be. Read the Whole Article Here