Welcome to a day in the mind of a psychic.

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a psychic? What their inner most feelings, thoughts or visions are? Do you wonder how they interpret the information that comes to them or how they view the person sitting in front of them? Have you ever been curious of what a day in the mind of a psychic would be like? Well, sit back, relax and get comfortable. Welcome to a ‘real’ psychic’s diary entries.

~ I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I’ve enjoyed the journey. ~

When you think the word 'psychic' let it transfer to 'awareness'. These entries have everything that you need to develop your sensitivities, manifest what you desire and 'see' how a psychic channels's mind works. As interesting as all of this may be, it's not created for entertainment, it's written to help you shift your consciousness and learn how to control your mind. Bookmark this blog, grab your journal and expect magick to enter every aspect of your life.

Writing Your Own Story

Imagine what your life would be like if you woke each morning knowing that you are in control of your day. That each and every [single] thing that was brought into your life was created for you, by you. Imagine the difference in your thoughts, your feelings, your confidence. Imagine what your life would be like. Now, I'm aware that this may be a stretch in thinking for you, so we'll start easy. We'll start by having you imagine (in a big picture) what you'd like your life to be like. 
Psychic Tip: It's true, If you can think it, You can create it. The catch... you must believe it, or at least, the possibility of it happening. 
* This blog article has links and pictures/images and memes that can help you shift your thinking. *
Psychic Tip: 
Everything starts in your mind. If there's anything that you want to fix, change or create~start with your thoughts. !. Watch your 'random thoughts about whatever it is you're focusing on. 2. Be honest with yourself about them. 3. Journal them. 4. Change or Enhance them. 
Journal Entry Exercise: So, for the naysayers or realists out there, what if this is wrong? What if it doesn't work? What if you're fooling yourself? Let's chat about that. What if it's all just craziness? What would happen? Honestly, what could happen? This is worst case scenario, by the way, so just let your imagination roll. 

Here's some ideas: The possibility of guilt
or upset at yourself, discouraged at where your life is or upset at what you've created, maybe even angry at yourself for not knowing better. Okay, let's have a reality check: Your emotions are messengers. They are not truth. One more time: your emotions are messengers (from some part of you) to pay attention, change your thinking or reevaluate what's going on. Again, emotions are not truth. So, all of those feelings are trying to help you get back on track, or more honestly, back to your Light and who you are created to be. 

Other Ideas: You'll feel powerful, in control and confident. Again, emotions are messengers~if you're good with the feeling (the message) then, keep going in that direction. If not, get the message (the meaning) and change it. :) Easy Peasy. Need help? No problem! Click here and read all kinds of good stuff about your mind. 
Journal Entry Exercise: It's your choice: Who you want to be. What you want to think. How you want to live your life. These articles and images are to help you create the life you desire, whatever that may be. So, do the journaling entries. Do a Pro and Con List of this type of thinking. Be sure that you're comfortable with 'making up your life'... Writing Your Own Story.  
Psychic Tip: When you journal, use one that you like and have some type of mental bond with. It makes a difference you your mind. Be sure to enjoy the cover and get some type of 'good' or positive expectation feeling when you look at it. 

If you don't already have one... 
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Psychic Tip: Write in your journal with some type of pen or marker. If you need to erase stuff, get an erasable pen. (Click below to get one on Amazon: Gel pens or regular. Look at all the cool colors!) 
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So, why ink? So that you can see what you've done when you go back through your journal. And, your mind will give you hits about what's going on with you all of the time. Pay close attention to your handwriting. It will change depending on the part of you that's writing. 
Psychic Tip: Set a date and time to go back over your journal entries. Regularly review them. A Great way to do this is to review and create (your next adventure!) the same day and time each week, month, whatever. Click here to read about Manifesting Mondays and get some writing tips and hints

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Journaling Prompts & Exercises
This Year... Make this year the year you want it to be. Enjoy these memes; use the exercises and journaling prompts to create the life that you want.

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