Welcome to a day in the mind of a psychic.

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a psychic? What their inner most feelings, thoughts or visions are? Do you wonder how they interpret the information that comes to them or how they view the person sitting in front of them? Have you ever been curious of what a day in the mind of a psychic would be like? Well, sit back, relax and get comfortable. Welcome to a ‘real’ psychic’s diary entries.

~ I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I’ve enjoyed the journey. ~

When you think the word 'psychic' let it transfer to 'awareness'. These entries have everything that you need to develop your sensitivities, manifest what you desire and 'see' how a psychic channels's mind works. As interesting as all of this may be, it's not created for entertainment, it's written to help you shift your consciousness and learn how to control your mind. Bookmark this blog, grab your journal and expect magick to enter every aspect of your life.

Living your Life Lightly

Living your Life Lightly is being and staying in a state of peace, clarity and connection. It's focusing on your Light and the Light in others.  

Let me clarify something: taking things lightly doesn't negate the seriousness of an issue or mean that you should not be sympathetic/empathetic to someone or towards a situation. Taking things lightly is much deeper and profound than that. It's that moment of realization that everything is O.K.; that things happen for a reason (even if you/we don't understand it at the time); and that life goes on. It maybe different now, but it still keeps going. Taking things lightly is that internal... eternal knowing that each and every person is powerful beyond comprehension. That in every situation, they have guidance and protection. When you focus on that knowing~you are in a more peaceful and trusting place. Your mind is calmer and your first thoughts are not defensive or judgmental. And, if they are, you can train yourself out of that type of thinking. The world is not against anyone. There is a Divine flow... We can either flow with life or we can fight against it. The choice is ours, in each and every situation, with each and every interaction with everyone we come in contact with ~ everyday.

If you want to be calmer and happier~ live your life lightly.
If you want a clearer connection with Spirit~ live your life lightly.
If you want a better relationship with those around you~ live your life lightly.
If you want to understand your emotions~ live your life lightly.
If you want to know your body and what it needs~ live your life lightly.
If you want to develop your intuition~ live your life lightly.
If you want to ... you fill in the blank and ~ live your life lightly.

How can you life a satisfying, happy, healthy, loving life if everything is upsetting and heavy? How can you change and move forward if everything is awful or stressful?
How can you be comfortable if you're always feeling powerless, worrying about everyone and thinking about everything that can go wrong? 

If you're not quite sure what I'm talking about or think this is ludicrous, start somewhere else. Look online or go to the library and start looking into positive thinking stuff or you may find you're drawn to a certain school of thought or religion. You may find this path is not for you or that this is exactly what you've been searching for. It's all about choices and listening to yourself, your Higher Self and discovering your [own] power. 

If you are interested in focusing on Living your Life Lightly, I recommend these downloads: 

Hypnosis for Living Lightly programs you to take life lightly. It's about life being simple and easy. Living Lightly is being present - living in the present; it's that deep realization that everything happens for a reason. This hypnosis session focuses on living a light, joyful Spiritual life, listening to your intuition and getting answers from your Higher Self. Would you like to be lighter - in mind, body and emotions? All you have to do - is listen to your download. - See more here

The Living Lightly Meditation moves you into the state to be able to take life lightly. You focus on Living a Spiritual Life and creating your body, your today and your future the way you want it to be. You spend time with yourself and tune into your Higher Self. It is HIGHLY recommended that you also get the Hypnosis for Living Lightly download to accompany this meditation. Listening to them together...Truly a Golden Life. Would you like a bit more Light in your life? This download makes it simple and easy.- See more here

 Oh... And, What makes these downloads different from other downloads everywhere else? They focus on your Light, making life is fun and easy. You have the ability to manifest anything that you can think of. These downloads give you the tools you need to bring your desires into fruition. What’s the catch? All of these downloads make you happy, make your life simpler and more enjoyable… the underlying message in every download you will buy [here]… You are a Creator Spirit and you have the power and ability to create what you want… in every aspect of your life. 

One of the kindest things you can do for yourself is to sooth yourself and eliminate worry and worse case scenario-over thinking. It's good to be prepared for the future or something that could go astray, but constant and consistent worry works you (mind and body) into a state of anxiety and stress. You maybe inadvertently tricking your body into thinking it's on high alert and that everything is an emergency; from missing a phone call to being 5 minutes late. 
If you are a worrier, try this download. It will help change your thinking and feel comfortable being relaxed and thinking positively. 

Stop Worrying! Use this download anytime you're worried about anything. This stops the repetitive, negative thoughts from making you crazy and giving yourself anxiety. You'll come up with solutions and get on with your life. It's great for worse case scenario thinking. -See more here.  If you have anxiety, seek out professional help, practice breathing and calming techniques. It is something that does not have to debilitate you. You can use this download: Eliminating Anxiety  It's about learning how to manage yourself and get rid of the things that cause you to be anxious. You'll learn how to take it lightly and 'function' in any situation. This download is for someone that has ANXIETY. You know who you are. You also know that no one else knows what you're talking about or how anxious you really are. If this describes you... this download can change your life. If you have anxiety or stress over 'just certain' things, you may want to look for a download about that specifically. It's up to you. This download is made for someone who has ANXIETY and looks calm and still while they are screaming their heads off inside :) Oh... this works for panic attacks, too. It is different than hypnosis or meditations you'll find here... this is more of something you'd get 'in the office' ... If you have ever 'really' had anxiety, you know how the world feels like it is crashing- or already has... this download helps you pick up the pieces, get your feelings under control and gives you the wonderful feeling of hiding under the couch without having to actually do it. Yep, it's awesome. You need to get a journal and start keeping track of the debilitating feelings and thoughts. This works ~you're just going to have to make yourself do it. ;) - See more here.

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